Contemporary artists wanted for upcoming group exhibitions at the gallery

Printmaking Exhibition

Calling all printmakers to submit their best pieces for and outstanding exhibition.

exploring the process of creating artworks by printing, normally on paper. 

Printmaking normally covers only the process of creating prints that have an element of originality, rather than just being a photographic reproduction of a painting.

Artworks can be any of the following:

Intaglio Printmaking -  where the image is printed from a recessed design incised or etched into the surface of a plate.

Relief Printmaking where the image is printed from a design raised on the surface of a block.


Serigraphy (Screen Printing)


Deadline: 15th January 2020

Man in the Mirror

For this exhibition we ask that artists submit works that explore their own sense of self and identity.

What makes you who you are? What do you represent? What is important to you?

What motivates you? Do you have any creative rituals?

Be brave and show us who you are.....

Deadline: 10th February 2020

Futurism Art

Futurism was an Italian art movement of the early twentieth century that aimed to capture in art the dynamism and energy of the modern world. Launched by the Italian poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in 1909. On 20 February he published his Manifesto of Futurism on the front page of the Paris newspaper Le Figaro.

Among modernist movements futurism was exceptionally vehement in its denunciation of the past. This was because in Italy the weight of past culture was felt as particularly oppressive. In the Manifesto, Marinetti asserted that ‘we will free Italy from her innumerable museums which cover her like countless cemeteries’. What the futurists proposed instead was an art that celebrated the modern world of industry and technology.

Futurist painting used elements of neo-impressionism and cubism to create compositions that expressed the idea of the dynamism, the energy and movement, of modern life.

Deadline: 20th March 2020


Pop art is an art movement that emerged in the 1950s and flourished in the 1960s in America and Britain, drawing inspiration from sources in popular and commercial culture. Different cultures and countries contributed to the movement during the 1960s and 70s. 

Pop art is: Popular (designed for a mass audience), Transient (short-term solution), Expendable (easily forgotten), Low cost, Mass produced, Young (aimed at youth), Witty, Sexy, Gimmicky, Glamorous, Big business.


The pop art movement was important because it represented a shift in what artists considered to be important source material. ... It was a movement which sought to connect fine art with the masses and involved using imagery that ordinary people could recognize and relate to.

Deadline: 10th April 2020

Iconic Art

 Iconic Art  is characteristic of an image, emblem, idol, or hero. Audrey Hepburn was widely admired for her iconic style, her great fashion taste. Iconic often describes something or someone that is considered symbolic of something else, like spirituality, virtue, or evil and corruption.

It is an image that brings to mind an event or location, often with emotional impact, for people in a given time, place or culture.  

Deadline: 10th May 2020

Please submit the following:

Artist statement (150 words max written in 3rd person)


Profile picture

3-5 images of artwork saved  as follows:


Website / Social media links

Please put the theme of the show you are submitting for in the email subject

(e.g 'Abstract')

There is no fee to submit artwork.

It is a 2 week group show with around 6 artists each with approximately 3M wall space,

we are flexible with the space so if its a little over or under we don't mind, we ask that you are flexible too :) 

The gallery takes 30% of all artwork sales. 

Further information will be supplied should you be selected to exhibit.

Why do galleries charge a fee to exhibit?

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